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Change your passwords today: Heartbleed update

Security alert that impacts you   Over the last couple of days we have been following reports of a major vulnerability in Internet security known as the Heartbleed bug.  We believe this to be a serious risk that potentially impacts anyone who uses the Internet. We see this threat as

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Google’s own list of no-no’s

I love it when I come across golden SEO information from Google.  Straight from the horse’s mouth… well the Google.com website in this case.  Here is my latest find and it really is a great resource of what not to do: http://www.google.com/insidesearch/howsearchworks/fighting-spam.html Now I know that most of you reading

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One person, two email addresses

Why would a sole trader or small business need two email addresses? Simple. If you have a website you will want an email address on it so people can contact you. Problem is that as soon as you publish an email address on the web, spammers including people and software

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Free Website Statistics

Every wondered how many visitors actually look at your site? Did you know you are eligible for free website traffic statistics if you are hosted through either Blue Platypus or Studiocoast? Just email us if you would like to turn your statistics on. If you are with another hosting provider,

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3 steps to a cohesive web strategy

Move from a “our website” mentality to “our web assets” Gone are the days that a simple website will put you on the cutting edge of web marketing. You need to be where your customers are and they could be anywhere out there in cyber-space. Take advantage of the many

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2012 Blue Platypus Arts Centre Gold Coast Online Marketing Prize Winner

We are excited to announce Louise Moriarty as the winner of this year’s prize.   The prize was devised to support a local artist or arts organisation through the gift of a complete online marketing package worth more than $3500 for a local artist or arts organisation.  This is a

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