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3 steps to a cohesive web strategy

Move from a “our website” mentality to “our web assets” Gone are the days that a simple website will put you on the cutting edge of web marketing. You need to be where your customers are and they could be anywhere out there in cyber-space. Take advantage of the many

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Critical updates for your website

As technology changes, websites often stop working the way they were designed. As a website owner, it is wise to view your site regularly, on as many devices as possible (office PC, laptop, home PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad) and in as many browsers as possible to ensure it is still

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Your feedback – spreading like wild fire

Avoiding a negative viral-spiral in the age of social media A friend of mine recently saw a movie at one of the premium cinemas of a well known chain. You know the kind, where you pay almost twice as much, access the private bar and can have a glass of

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