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I don’t blog… but should I?

I don’t blog… but should I? Are you one of those people who say they don’t need a blog or don’t have time for one? Would you make time for a free tool that allowed you to communicate with all of your customers at once about a new product, event

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Google’s own list of no-no’s

I love it when I come across golden SEO information from Google.  Straight from the horse’s mouth… well the website in this case.  Here is my latest find and it really is a great resource of what not to do: Now I know that most of you reading

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Search Engine Optimisation frequently asked questions

How come I can’t find my site in Google? Google is a commercial business whose success stems from their ability to provide relevant results to their customers. What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? What is black hat SEO? Black hat SEO is any search engine optimisation technique that tries to

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Writing for the web

Writing for the web is different to writing for a brochure or other printed document. When you engage Blue Platypus for your web copywriting, you can expect professionally written copy that is a little different to copy for printed material. Of course we encourage you to supply us with some

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