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I don’t blog… but should I?

I don’t blog… but should I? Are you one of those people who say they don’t need a blog or don’t have time for one? Would you make time for a free tool that allowed you to communicate with all of your customers at once about a new product, event

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Latest Google Changes: Penguin 4 is Live

How is your website ranking? In the last few days, I’ve been asked a lot about website ranking and Google’s algorithm update known as Penguin 4. Penguin 4 is currently rolling out, so you might have already noticed or soon notice some changes to your ranking in the search engines

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Why do I need to update WordPress?

Why do I need to update WordPress? When was the last time you updated WordPress? Years ago? Never? Well just like phone apps, your blue-screening-PC and your wardrobe, WordPress needs updating from time to time.  Of course if your fashion sense is circa 1992, nothing too bad is going to

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Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration – a small bill worth paying early! When it comes to most invoices, you probably don’t want to pay months in advance right? Perhaps your accountant has even advised you pay on the due date to make the most of your money.  Well your domain name invoice

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Prepare now for Google changes

This month Google will be rolling out changes that are likely to impact your website’s ranking. From April 21, Google will be favouring websites that are mobile-friendly. To quote Google directly: Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect

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Personality branding – The third brand your business needs

This blog has been re-posted with permission from Daniel Priestley and the team at There are three layers of branding your business needs to consider: Product – The brands we associate to a product or service we can buy e.g.: “iPod” Company – The brands we associate to a

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